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Are they a manufacturer or a ‘middle man’?

Team Frames manufacture their own PVC and Aluminium products. Why buy from a middle man when you can deal directly with a factory outlet?

Where are your frames made?

Many suppliers buy their frames from manufacturers in Ireland, Wales and the North of England. Ask them – you may be surprised! Team Frames manufacture our own PVC and Aluminium products in Eastbourne. Improve efficiency and cut your carbon footprint.

How quickly can they supply a remake frame?

If you make a mistake and need a remake frame we will get it to you the next day. Our daily delivery from our factory makes this possible. This allows you to finish the job and get paid.

Do they install?

Is your supplier also your competitor? We don’t believe that this relationship can work which is why we are a trade only supplier and we do not install. When we get enquiries from the public we pass them on to our customers. Lets both stick to what we are good at!

How good is their credit rating?

It may not seem important but it is an unfortunate reality that businesses do fail in difficult times. If your supplier is no longer there to support guarantee claims then you could be left to put things right. Some suppliers offer tempting low prices but the final cost to you could be huge!

How convenient is it to use them?

We are open from 7.30am Monday to Friday. We have a wide range of sample windows available for loan and we stock the consumables needed to finish the job. We accept credit card payments to allow you to manage your finances more easily

How clear is their communication?

We automatically email your invoices, receipts, quotes, order acknowledgements and energy rated certificates to you as well as providing a paper copy in branch if required. This means that they are always available with no need for piles of paperwork. All paperwork for jobs and quotes is scanned and saved on our bespoke software system so that it can be instantly retrieved. Don’t worry if you are always losing your paperwork because we won’t!  Delivery times can be advised by text message if you prefer.

All of our quotes are clear and detailed with each frame individually priced so that you can easily see how our price is calculated.

How does their product compare?

Things move on and generally get better. We all have fond memories of our first car but we wouldn’t still want to be driving it!! Window systems are evolving as well and some of the old favourites are starting to get left behind. Team Frames only manufacture the Liniar system which is probably the most innovative energy efficient lead free product on the market today. Make awkward glazing beads, trimming gaskets and broken units a thing of the past with Team Frames.

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