The current trend amongst architects is to recommend aluminium door and window frames for houses. Let’s look at why this is the case and what this means for the average person or trader looking for door and window frames.

To set some context, aluminium window frames is not a new concept. They’ve been around for a while, but they’ve not always looked very nice. When most people think of aluminium frames, they think of the first generation of double-glazing replacement windows that were around in the 70s. However, things have changed and aluminium frames are now a lot slicker and stylish. But apart from looks, what else makes aluminium a winner?

For starters, aluminium is incredibly strong, so you need less of it in the frame. It also means that aluminium can be used to fit large windows and doors with no problems. In addition, aluminium frames don’t require additional support, which means that there’s extra room for glass.

In fact, aluminium is starting to out-perform steel in automobiles. From body sheets to passenger safety, aluminium is becoming the go-to material to use. We can deduce, then, that the this trend of using aluminium in doors and windows is going to continue to grow.

Ultimately, the more of your window or door is made of glass, the more light can be let in and the more stylish the look. That’s why aluminium frames are particularly common with bi-folding doors, because they’re usually require quite large sections of glass.

Aluminium is a stable material, meaning it keeps expansion and contraction to a minimum in different temperatures. Plus, as an extra incentive, if the majority of a door or window is made of glass, then it will also be thermally efficient. Glass is a great insulator, so that’s a great added benefit.

In addition, aluminium doors and windows are very durable and resistant to rust, so there’s practically no maintenance required of them. Clearly you won’t need to paint them or treat them, plus they won’t deteriorate.

Concerned about whether aluminium door and window frames are environmentally friendly? Aluminium is 100% recyclable, so if your frames ever need replacing, they can be recycled and turned into something new time and time again.