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We can offer an extensive range of different glazing options and colours. These include acid-etching, opaque backing, bevelled fanlights, coloured fanlights and stained glass.

Colours and styles change all the time and you should always check with the Team Frames branch on the availability.Below is a small sample of what we can offer.

Backing Glass

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Window and Doors

GD_S04D06C02 9-Oak Lincoln 9-Oak Monaco


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Fanlights and Bevelled.

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PVCu Triple Glazing

triple glazingThe ‘Ultimate Energy-Saving, Noise-Reducing Window’. Future proof U-Value 0.8 W.m2K as well as being PASSIVHAUS compliant, using some additional components.

  • Standard float glass first pane
  • Argon gas-filled cavities
  • Low-E toughened glass second  and third pane

Our Triple Glazing uses three panes of glass which form two insulating layers that provide the ultimate thermal and acoustic insulation. The industry-leading 4 and 6-chamber PVCu profiles eliminate the need for thermal inserts and use structural PVCu for rigidity rather than heat-conducting steel. Our Triple Glazing can exceed even the A-Rated window by over 35%. The additional cavity created by having 3 panes of glass can increase sound insulation by over 20% as well as extra security.

We are also able to supply:

  • double glazed sealed units
  • single sheet glass
  • shaped glass and units
  • conservatory roof units
  • energy saving sealed units
  • leaded and coloured designs


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