PVCu is widely used across the world and has a number of different uses; the manufacture of replacement windows being one of them.

Why is this material so popular?

PVC, in its full name known as polyvinyl chloride is a thermo-plastic substance that can be melted down and recycled. It’s estimated that by 2020, over 800,000 tonnes of PVC will be recycled annually. So, with such a small carbon footprint it is ecologically one of the best materials out there.

Windows manufactured by Whiteline are made using the Liniar PVC profile, a British company, with all the profiles being extruded in Derby. Only virgin materials are used in window and door profiles but the recycled material is used in rainwater, underground and even riverside piling products.

Liniar is one of the greenest profiles on the market. It is made entirely from PVC with very little metal reinforcement running through. This means a Whiteline window can be completely recycled at the end of its life, not having to be disposed in land fill.

But if Whiteline do not use steel reinforced profiles how are they so strong and secure?

The Liniar profile is made up of a number of internal chambers which give the same strength as a steel reinforced profile; Whiteline uses the 6-chamber profile as a standard for all of our products.

If a window has steel reinforcement it is generally because it has less internal chambers, therefore needs something added to it in order to bridge the gap.

Because of these chambers and the missing steel, another benefit to a Whiteline window is increased thermal efficiency. This really does make our product the best of both worlds being able to offer strength and security along with keeping the cold out and the warmth in; something that others on the market struggle to offer.

Whiteline have a range of other security offerings in conjunction with the Liniar profile to ensure that you get the peace of mind you deserve. Information on these along with all our accreditations can be found here http://www.whiteline.co.uk/product-details/accreditations/

Another common worry of a home owner when hearing the term PVC windows is that they will look big, bulky and “plasticy” which has certainly rung true in past years.

The evolution of the PVC window has however come a long way; we at Whiteline are, as always, at the forefront of innovation and can offer the slimmest sightlines and maximum glass area available on our own exclusive product range that you can view here http://www.whiteline.co.uk/windows/pvc-windows/slimsash/

The fact PVCu is almost completely maintenance free is always a good selling point to the home owner, whether they chose standard white, a woodgrain foil finish or our any RAL colour spray option cleaning the frames is simply a case of a wipe down with warm soapy water.

This eradicates the need for annual treating and painting of old timber frames which is what most home owners are looking to replace.

How much is all this going to cost me?

The price tag is of course dictated by design, style, colour and all the finishing touches but on the whole PVCu windows and doors are the most price effective way to update a home.

Cheaper than its rival Aluminium and certainly cost efficient against timber which has the added cost of upkeep to factor in when deciding which product would be best suited for your lifestyle and property.

So, to summarise, when deciding which product would be best suited to your lifestyle and home there is no right or wrong answer; all materials have their pro and cons.

But with the security, thermal efficiency, asthetics, maintenance and price that PVCu can offer it is certainly a strong contender out in the market place.