We’ve all grown used to the concept of double glazing and it’s still the most popular option for homeowners in the UK, but how much do you know about triple-glazing?

Triple glazing works by securing three single panes of glass within a sealed frame. Between the three panes of glass are very small gaps which are filled with either air or a heat insulating gas, such as Argon. It’s currently most popular in Scandinavian countries where winters are cold, but due to numerous other benefits, more and more UK consumers are considering UPVC triple glazing.

How does it compare with other glass?
Windows are measured with a ‘U’ value and the lower this value is, the better. Single glazing has a U-value of 5, older double glazing about 3 and new modern double glazing has a U-value of 1.6. With modern triple glazing the U-value of the windows goes down to around 0.8.

Glazing with a higher U-value can create cold patches in the house, compared to walls and doors. And modern insulation can make the problem even worse as the windows become much colder than the rest of the house, leading to condensation and other problems.

Here are more of the benefits of triple glazing:

Stay warmer.
According to the Energy Saving Trust, 26% of all domestic heat loss happens via the windows. With extra layers of glass and gas it’s a lot harder for heat to escape through triple glazing. So you can keep your home warmer and drafts at bay.

Keep cool.
Triple glazing also absorbs heat energy from outside to help keep heat in during night and day. But the good news is that in the summer months you won’t find that they overheat your home; in fact the level of solar gain is actually less than double glazed units due to the extra pane of glass and additional cavity.

Reduce your bills.
Losing heat from your home through old or poorly fitted windows can be costly. Drafts are likely to make us want to crank up the thermostat, which is good news for energy companies but not do good for consumers. With the insulation properties of triple glazing you can reduce your energy bills and make your home warmer.

Reduce noise.
If you live near a busy road, or in a noisy neighbourhood, you could definitely benefit from triple glazing. The extra layer of glass and the extra gas or air chamber will improve the sound insulation and help reduce the amount of external noise entering your home. Peace at last.

Stay secure.
There’s no doubt that triple glazing is more secure than single or even double glazing. The extra pane of glass ensures that your windows are much less easy to break through.

Some might argue that a double glazed window is perfectly adequate, but overall, a triple glazed one will hang onto heat just that little bit better and you’ll notice a big difference in your home. If you consider this, along with all of the benefits outlined above, triple glazing is definitely worth the investment if you’re thinking of replacing single glazing or old double glazing.